Most master’s degrees take a year or two to finish.

I’ve been building mine for ten years.

Had I planned on spending such a long time bringing this thing together?

Absolutely not.

In my defense, I had no roadmap when I first set out.

I’ve been piecing this thing together as I have gone along.

Adding bits here, removing bits there, backtracking along routes that lead to nowhere and doing it all on top of working to earn an income.

Essentially, I’ve assembled a master’s degree made up of ten master’s degrees, as represented by the ten concentrations that comprise the curriculum of my MTA.


But the launch of this blog marks a key milestone of my self-created master’s degree or MTA Portfolio.

I am now entering the final phase of its development.

The phase in which I am completing the final projects and where I have a fully functioning and presentable website for my MTA portfolio.

I’ve held off starting this blog up until this point because I didn’t want to add yet another item onto my weekly to-do list of studying, working and creating.

I didn’t even envision I Built My Own Education having its own blog.

But having spent the last few months bringing the site together into a fully organised and presentable form, I now see the purpose a blog can serve.

It provides me with a creative space in which I can fill in the gaps of my MTA Portfolio.

It gives me an outlet to publish unused final project material and ideas that I am musing undertaking in them.

It gives me a newsfeed in which I can highlight updates and new additions to the website and final projects.

It provides me with an opportunity to exercise my writing muscles.

It gives me a means to market my MTA Portfolio though the use of regularly generated content.

In a sense, the blog will bring I Built My Own Education to life and keep it breathing in a way that my static master’s degree portfolio would fail to do so.


I can remember when I took the first actions that lead to the creation of my MTA Portfolio all the way back in 2013.

I lacked any sort of coherent focus then.

Time and exploration were the key to figuring out my focus.

For ten years, I’ve gone through a very complex process of funneling my focus down into its final form of my MTA Portfolio.

A focus that this blog can now present.