Shaping the first 10 episode of the Breaking Cinema podcast took a bit of time and below are earlier my conceptions of what eventually became the intended season 1 episodes.

Each episode will be a constructed documentary/drama patchwork presentation made up of different contributions from different individuals and different discussions, all in the endeavour of considering a specific top in regard to a bigger picture of knowledge.

As a multi-form podcast, if the first season is comprised of 10 episodes based around the theme of ‘the bigger picture,’ for example, that season of episodes might look something like this…


Ep. 1 – My First Education in the Seventh Art of Ignoring Reality [became Ep. 1 – My First Education]

My first education in humanity. Cinema is my way in and that is why we start by breaking cinema. So this would be an episode featuring my personal reflection on how my understanding of the world developed in relation to cinema while setting up of the podcast as a whole.


Ep. 2 – The Motion Picture Entity [became Ep. 7 – The Slow Motion Picture Entity]

Reconfiguring what constitutes a ‘film’ by providing a speculative investigation into how we construct it cognitively on a personal basis. In relation to a specific film example or examples, this episode would be composed of an overarching group discussion (not just involving Film Studies graduates) together with vox pop (short audio interviews with the members of the public).


Ep. 3 – Film(making) in the Real World

The totally unromantic practicalities of being a filmmaker right on the very fringes of the industry while still living a normal day-to-day life. Two interviews cut together, one with someone who is just starting out in the industry and one who as left the industry behind; fortunately, I know two such people.


Ep. 4 – Triumph of the Willful Blindness and its Great Dictator [became Ep. 2 – Triumph of the Willful Blindness and its Great Dictator]

Willful Blindness – my number one pet hate and arch nemesis- GRHHH!!! And cinema has an awful lot to do with willful blindness. This episode will explore this topic in relation to Triumph of the Will and The Great Dictator.


Ep. 5 – Thoughts in a Dark Auditorium [became Ep. 4 – In an Auditorium Darkly: The Terror of the Eye-Phone]

All those thoughts of all those spectators, are they really all about film? More factual vox pops with some fictional submissions detail what people actually think about when they are sat in a cinema auditorium watching a film. No way are they just thinking about the film, I will put money on it!


Ep. 6 – The Bigger Picture: Virtual and Physical Entanglement [became Ep. 10 – This is Breaking Cinema]

Goodbye, flaccid, one-dimensional textual analysis thinking. Hello, reality of today… so, what are you? This episode will tackle more of what I detailed above in relation to the bigger picture. There will be less emphasis on film and more emphasis on all the media diversifications out there.


Ep. 7 – The Miracle of Crowdfunding [see The Miracle of Crowdfunding and The Miracle Mockumentary]

I have figured out a way to recycle my unused crowdfunding project, The Miracle of Crowdfunding, as a factual-fictional audio episode about finding your purpose while trying to make a little money as a filmmaker.


Ep. 8 – NeuroPsychoCinematics [see NeuroPsychoCinematics]

Neurocinematics and Psychocinematics – two new fields of audio-visual research that I have previously briefly touched upon in my undergraduate theoretical dissertation, Ways of Being: The Spectator and the Spectacle, but which I would really like to get my teeth into here.


Ep. 9 – Microfilm in a Day [became Ep. 8 – Microfilm in a Day]

A group of creatives go out on a single day to each create a microfilm, the episode dissects their processes and challenges of doing so.


Ep. 10 – Cinema is not 2D, Cinema is Us [became Ep. 10 – This is Breaking Cinema]

Bringing all of the threads of the season together, to pave the way for season 2.


The final conceptions of the first ten episodes can be read here.