Thus far, the only one of my MTA’s 10 final projects that I have completed is the one for the Leadership and Management concentration, Not Your Average Life Coach.

In this project I chronicled the process of self-coaching I went through and then how I developed that in a coaching process that I could use to help others.

I also talk about how I developed my life coaching into a side hustle business together with a coaching website that I built myself.

Finally, I wrapped it all up by reflecting on everything I had learned from 4 years of being a life coach and why I had decided to move on from doing it.

At the time of the creation of’s blog, I have had the life coaching final project finished for two years now.

But I still wanted to acknowledge this achievement on the blog and set it up as an example of how I with log the development and eventual completion of my MTA’s other 9 final projects.