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There’s little in a gym that connects with a human being’s innate instincts, other than their unfortunate propensity to be attached towards the empty promise of a quick fix. That’s why it’s both so hard to get results and so hard to keep going.
Long before ‘normal’ people went to gyms, machines like the ones you see in every modern gym facility were developed for making muscles all big and puffy – for obtaining that certain macho appearance. People who like this look and adopted this hobby became known as ‘bodybuilders’. They are a very specific type of person with very specific needs: usually men looking or a very particular ‘extreme’ look. Bodybuilding isn’t about health, it isn’t about flexibility or stamina, energy or even strength, it’s just about huge muscles.
Bodybuilders don’t want to feel healthier. They don’t want to move better. They don’t even want to be any stronger. There’s nothing in particular they want to be able to do better except to look ‘buff’ in a tiny pair of shorts on the beach or in the locker rooms.

Oliver Selway & Charlie Packer, Instinctive Fitness: Leaner, Stronger, Happier, Fitter!, 2013:142