Sustainability looks to protect our natural environment, human and ecological health, while driving innovation and not compromising our way of life.

Matthew Mason, What Is Sustainability and Why Is It Important?,


Module 1 – Global Environmental Change: Our Complex Climate Crisis – 2 Courses

Module 2 – Sustainability, Society and You – 13 Courses

Module 3 – Journey of the Universe: A Story for our Times – 4 Courses

Module 4 – Environmental Law and Management – 8 Courses

Module 5 – Green Building and Urban Regeneration – 10 Courses

Module 6 – The Great Work: Solving Our Complex Climate Crisis – 5 Courses

Diplomas20 Certificates 

Final Project My Tiny Eco House

I built this concentration to fully understand the global ramifications of the climate crisis and how we can go about solving it in a way that is mutually enhancing for the natural environment and human being alike…

The orientation toward the natural world should be understood in relation to all human activities. The Earth would be our primary teacher in industry and economics. It would teach us a system in which there would be a minimum of unusable or unfruitful waste.

Thomas Berry, The Great Work: Our Way Into The Future, 1999:64-5