Project Overview

Instead of suppressing creativity, technology has the ability to enhance specific areas of the creative process, by presenting a new platform for creativity to exist on (and come from). Through the advancement of technology, ideas (which may have once existed within our minds) can now be set free and come to life in the physical world. We now have the necessary tools for greater possibilities and more innovative solutions.

Maggie Mackenzie, Creativity In A World Of Technology: Does It Exist?,


Project Goals

This project must…

  • Be a practical expression of what I learned in my Multimedia Studies and Creative Technologies concentration.
  • Improve my overall understanding of programming concepts so that I can more naturally understand the underpinnings of application software.
  • Enable me to develop my practical coding skills to an advanced level so that I can utilise these skills if required.
  • Collect together all the creative technology projects I have worked on while undertaking my MTA.

Project Components

Project Timeline

2014 – Started studying programming and coding in HTML.

2017 – Studied coding in more depth beyond web development.

2019 – Studied coding in relation to Data Science.

2020 – Applied my web development and design skills to build three websites.

2021 – Started my applied coding projects on Codecademy.

Project Blog Posts

Project Wrap-Up

Coming soon.