Duration: 1 hour – 2 hours.

Objective: To bring the threads of the previous nine episodes together into a cohesive conclusion in this episode. Truthfully, in addition to being the conclusion, this episode is really the introduction episode for the podcast, but that’s the thing with lateral thinking, it is not always straight-forward! Ultimately, in addition to being hungry for another batch of episodes, the listener needs to leave this episode understanding why I have orchestrated Breaking Cinema the way that I have orchestrated it.

I have orchestrated the podcast in this particular fashion in order to illustrate and inspire a broader and more flexible approach of thinking about cinema, the media landscape and how human beings play into and grow from these things.

Focus: There are three key elements to the focus of this episode…

  1. Presenting a chronological presentation of the development of the podcast and the process of lateral thinking which was employed in order to create it.
  2. Taking the themes of criticism and analysis that have been applied in the previous nine episodes and re-applying in regards to my point-of-view and the presentation of the podcast itself.
  3. Through the process of presenting the development of the podcast and bringing all of the threads of the first nine episodes together into a self-critical-and-analytical conclusion, this episode will ultimately expand the point-of-view of the podcast beyond my single point-of-view…

“The kinds of subject for which I feel the most passionately are one’s that offer self-reflexive viewpoints and that expose the underlying pulse of a situation or establishment. Conflicting ideologies/institutions/temperaments is another area that offers me much intrigue; as does the subject of juxtapositioning completely different ideas to create a result that represents something greater than the original constituent parts, and which forces the spectator to question their own assumptions and beliefs.”

– A creative identity statement I produced towards the end of 2012

My point-of-view has been the over-arching dictator of this podcast and the previous nine episodes, so it’s time to pull it apart and examine the biases I have exerted. This is the point of effective analysis and criticism (and of the podcast) – nothing is sacred!

Additionally, this episode will examine the presentation of the podcast itself to determine how the form of each of the episodes, as media broadcasters, have further expanded my biases, much in the same way that news reporting favours certain topics and interpretations over others, as would have been explored in Episode 9: The Media is the Mentality.

Ultimately, it is about expanding beyond my point-of-view in order to present a thoroughly rounded-out exploration of human psychology which is the progenitor for all media, all content and all the interactions therein.

Format: Factual documentary analysis using a combination of my linking voiceover narration and exerts and elaborations of previous episodes; as well as the contributions of others.


Pre-Intro segment – Still thinking about this.

Podcast Intro – (45 seconds) – Cave of the 8-Bit Binary Organ theme music as combined with excerpts from other media texts to create a summative overview of what is the Breaking Cinema podcast.

Main body – The chronological presentation of the lateral thinking development of the podcast will form the spine of the main body and around this will be presented the critical-and-analytical elements of the episode. In regards to the additional contributors of this episode it would be advantageous to include individuals who are familiar and have listened to the nine previous episodes in order to effectively present critical and alternative viewpoints to that of my biased point-of-view, as presented in my construction of the previous nine episodes. Specifically, I can not yet say how these will be ordered as this formation will be heavily influenced by the production of the previous nine episodes, which I have yet to do.

Conclusion – As I have already mentioned, this episode is essentially the actual introduction/episode 1 of the podcast so specifically whatever the conclusion will end up being will pave the way for the focus of the second batch of episodes, which I have already started to think about. Ultimately, it will be about moving beyond a single point-of-view.

Podcast Outro – a: “Thank you for listening to Breaking Cinema, like the Facebook page, leave a review on iTunes, etc.” message will play over the outro music.


Additional Notes:

  • For copyright queries on media content inclusion, see the Pulling Teeth & Breaking Blindness overview document.
  • This episode will need release forms for the other contributors.
  • For the chronological presentation of the development of the podcast, this episode will utilise the material that was created for the unfinished Breaking Blindness: The Breaking Cinema Vision Video of Lateral Thinking (see the Pulling Teeth & Breaking Blindness overview document).
  • As I would ideally like to include additional contributors who are already familiar with and have listened to the previous nine episodes, the production of this episode will largely left to last (aside from the bulk of the construction of the chronological development of the podcast).


Media content to be referenced and included:

Various media texts as featured in the previous episodes and probably a few new ones as well, these are yet to be decided on.