“Ideas in isolation are worthless; if they have no impact, then they didn’t matter. Creation, innovation and entrepreneurship are not just about putting stuff out into the world – art and business alike are about doing things that make a difference.”

– Bernadette Jiwa, Marketing: A Love Story.

Pulling Teeth and Breaking Blindness is a 178 page document I authored which collects together all my thinking for the project into a cohesive form that allowed me to conceptualize what I wanted the podcast to be.

I wrote the document as a means to provide a transparent overview for anyone who may have been interested in involving themselves in the Breaking Cinema project.

It also served as a reminder for myself in regards to the project’s aims.

This document outlined my plans for the Breaking Cinema project and was a reference guide that I would’ve continued to update and redraft as the project progressed.

In essence this document was my attempt to put the reader inside my head – hence why I largely wrote the document in stream-of-consciousness – and to provide myself with an externalised and objectified and clarified overview of the project, as it sat inside my head.

An idea that sits in your head is useless, it’s just incomprehensible noise most of the time. Take your idea out of your head, write it down and craft it into something you can actually exploit.

The document served the purpose of clarifying how I am going to exploit the Breaking Cinema project – it exists to hold me to the mark!

For the reader, the document was meant to be a giant FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Ultimately, the Vision Document really is the be all and end all for understanding the Breaking Cinema podcast.

I have since recycled much of what was written in the Vision Document for use on the Breaking Cinema overview page and for creating new blog posts for the ibuiltmyown.education blog.

After all, ideas in isolation are worthless… as indeed they were sitting in this document that no one would ever read.

So I’ve decided to bring my thinking out into the open via exhibiting it on ibuiltmyown.education.