Project Overview

Yes, this final project shares the name of the website that houses it and that’s because the mammoth creation of is a key part of this project.

As the final project of my Education Innovation concentration, the phrase ‘I Built My Own Education’ also encapsulates my overall education philosophy.

My education philosophy and the concept for this website existed long before I had even created the Education Innovation concentration.

But, the building of this website, and the blog I wrote as part of it, greatly helped me to define my education philosophy so it made sense that they would all be components of the same education innovation focused final project.

The last component of this final project was always intended to explore my larger education innovation plans to create an education platform that will extend beyond my MTA Portfolio and that is designed for others to use.

Ultimately, I built my own education so I can help other learners to build their own educations.

A do-it-yourself mindset is changing the face of education worldwide. Learners are “patching together” their education from a “menu of options,” including self-teaching, short courses and bootcamps, and they believe that self-service instruction will become even more prevalent for lifelong learning.

Dian Schaffhauser, DIY Mindset Reshaping Education,, 09/17/19

Project Goals

This project must…

  • Be a practical synthesis of what I learned in my Education Innovation concentration.
  • Present an explanation of my education philosophy and how it inspired me to build my own education.
  • Present my thinking behind the design and building of
  • Explain why I added an education blog to
  • Explore my long-term plans of evolving into an additional education platform for others to use.

Project Components

Project Timeline

2013 – Started studying MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

2014 – Started to get the idea of using MOOCs to build my own master’s degree to be housed on its own website.

2016/02/10 – Self-declared my own master’s degree which eventually evolved into my MTA Portfolio.

2014-18 – Started designing

2019 – Started building with the focus being on creating the MTA Overview page.

2020-21 – Created the concentration, final project, learning module and diploma wall pages for

2023 – Created the homepage, about page and blog for

2023-24 – Assembled and wrote-up this final project.

2024 – Outlined my education platform concept. Completed and signed off on the I Built My Own Education final project.

Project Blog Posts

Project Wrap-Up

It’s done! I’ve finally done it.

I Built My Own Education, the final project for my Education Innovation concentration, which rather confusingly – but also appropriately – shares the same name as the website that hosts it, is finally done.

The completion of this final project is a huge leap forward in the overall completion of my MTA Portfolio and endeavour of building my own education.

This final project not only definitely defines the philosophy behind my self-education approach, but it also details all the thought and sweat that went into the building of its foundation a.k.a. this website.

This website’s blog, that this final project ignited and that is detailed in Component 3, will continue to grow and be intertwined with all the other final projects long after I have signed off here.

Another key off-shoot of this final project is outlined in Component 4 in which I outline my plans to create an education platform that others can use to take charge of their own educations and which will form the final project for the Creative Producing and Entrepreneurship concentration.

Admittedly, this final project should have been the first one I completed, because it lays the groundwork for all the other final projects to follow, but Not Your Average Life Coach beat it to the mark.

The completion of this project has been a long time coming and has been delayed multiple times, but I feel that a great weight has been lifted now that I can finally sign it off with a completion date it.

So here goes…

Peter O’Brien

Bristol, UK