PProject Overview

Not Your Average Life Coach is a life coaching business I created as part of my postgraduate studies. 

I would love to be able to say that I always had a grand vision to spin-off a life coaching side hustle from my Leadership and Management studies… but that was not the case at all.

In all honesty, all the pieces I needed to build my own life coaching side hustle were already cultivated by my life experiences and the knowledge I gained from my MTA Portfolio as a whole.

The really amazing part is how all those pieces came together, with very little interference from me.

When it came time to think up a final project for my Leadership and Management concentration, Not Your Average Life Coach was already sitting there as the perfect candidate.

Due to the time-consuming nature of my postgraduate studies, at no point have I ever really had the opportunity to sit down and properly plan out Not Your Average Life Coach.

Not Your Average Life Coach really is just a side hustle that I have been cobbling together on the fly.

That’s why I am very serious when I say this final project pretty much created itself.

Now that I have finally finished the study content of the concentration and have a solidified a marketable branded identity for Not Your Average Life Coach, I have compiled together this final project page detailing the four key components that make up my Leadership and Management final project.


A do-it-yourself mindset is changing the face of education worldwide. Learners are “patching together” their education from a “menu of options,” including self-teaching, short courses and bootcamps, and they believe that self-service instruction will become even more prevalent for lifelong learning.

Dian Schaffhauser, DIY Mindset Reshaping Education, campustechnology.com, 09/17/19


2017 – Started coaching for free in order to complete the assignments of my Positive Psychology and Inspired Leadership courses.

2017-2019 – Continued to coach on the side and to charge for my services.

2018-2019 – Conceived of the branding and website design of Not Your Average Life Coach.

2020 – Stopped coaching so that I could focus on my web development projects, which included my life coaching website.

2021 – Started coaching again with my new website.

2021 – Compiled together this final project page.


PProject Components

These four components show how my Leadership and Management concentration, life experiences, practical learning assignments, business and marketing knowledge and web development skills all came together to form my coaching business.

PProject Wrap-Up

If anything, the compiling of this final project forced me to go back and rethink the overall design of the learning component of my Leadership and Management concentration.

There was a bit of a tug of war between the learning modules of the Leadership and Management concentration and the compilation of this final project.

When I realised I was going to use my life coaching as my final project, I realised I had a prime opportunity to become much more widely acquainted with coaching science and personal development.

So I added a few more modules and studied even more courses as part of my Leadership and Management concentration.

This rethinking worked out very well because I was able to actively practice and refine all my new learning while I was coaching on the side.