As blog posts are typically succinct and written quickly, I’ve always found blogs to be surprisingly effective spaces for focusing my thinking and practicing my writing.

Since creating the blog for, I have found its inclusion to be instrumental in helping me to bring my MTA together.

Including a blog on was not something I ever intended to do… until 2023 when I developed this site into a presentable form.

When I was building the new homepage and about page, it became clear to me that I had plenty of unused content and reflective thoughts that would make for good blog posts.

The blog post page for

Reflection is a key part of consolidating and solidifying your learning… and a blog makes for a perfect space on which to do that.

It wasn’t hard adding a blog to the site as the site was built using the software and it is already optimised for including a blog.

Creating the main blog page also wasn’t hard as I just created yet another variation of the modular ‘Project Ara’ aesthetic I had utilised on all the other site pages.

Likewise, for the homepage, I created an additional panel highlighting the blog.

The blog panel on the homepage for

Overall, adding the blog was very straight forward.

Even creating the first set of blog posts was quite easy as I just recorded my thinking behind the creation of and the orchestration of my MTA’s final projects.

I also realised I could use the blog to help support the development of the remaining final projects.

The blog is just an extension of an earlier blog called Ways 2 Interface.

Ways 2 Interface, my now retired blog

Ways 2 Interface was a blog/research project I created in 2014 as a continuation of the research I had started in my bachelor’s dissertation.

Initially, it was focused on media-related research, but as my MTA came into life, I started to devote more posts to my emerging postgraduate studies.

However, Ways 2 Interface fizzled out at the beginning of 2016 when my focus shifted much more towards my MTA studies.

If I’m being honest, I’m annoyed that I did not keep up with the blogging as writing those posts was instrumental in focusing my thinking.

However, I’m back on the blogging now and very pleased that it is packaged together on the same website as my MTA Portfolio.

Blogs are often used as content marketing channels to direct a user’s attention to a range of products and/or services.

One of the reasons why I have built my MTA into a website is so that I can market it to interest individuals or organisations.

Admittedly, I could use the blog and it’s blog posts as content for directing my target audience to my MTA Portfolio on… but that is not really my intention for the blog.

The blog serves much more the role of a notepad or study journal and I’m using it more so to focus the thinking behind bringing my MTA together.

Any content marketing the blog achieves is a secondary consideration.

However, that is not to say I do not have a content marketing plan in mind for my MTA Portfolio And that is where my blog space on Medium comes into play.

My Medium posts page

All the content I am going to write for the Medium platform will be very much geared towards being content marketing designed to direct the reader’s attention over to and my MTA Portfolio.

But, crucially, it will also direct the reader’s attention to the education platform for other people to use that I want to launch from the completion of my MTA Portfolio.

The evolution of the thinking behind that education platform will be chronicled and influenced on the blog on this site.

Ultimately, the blog serves a huge role in the overall construction of I Built My Own Education, both as a final project of my MTA Portfolio and as the embodiment of my MTA Portfolio.