Getting Paid For My Time

Whenever I tell people that I am a life coach the assumption is that I life coach full-time and that it forms my primary career focus. 

While it is a means of income, it is only a side income that varies depending on how much spare time I can devote to it. 

I certainly don’t consider life coaching to be my main career focus. 

Entrepreneurship and marketing were always big players in my MTA portfolio and Not Your Average Life Coach is just one manifestation of that. 

If anything, Not Your Average life Coach is a practice run at starting and running a business, because it is my first instance of entrepreneurship.  

Developing My Side Hustle

I never sat down and decided to build a life coaching business, it just naturally developed from the prospect of being paid for my coaching time and I have just cobbled together a very basic business model and practice since then. 

However, I was not completely clueless when it came to developing my side hustle because I had all my business and marketing studies to draw on. 

My thinking was always to charge a premium for my life coaching services to make it worth my while.

But not to charge so much that it would drive people away.

Additionally, I was only just starting out in this venture and I still had a lot to learn.

My original pricing was about £20 per hour.

This is considerably cheaper than more established life coaches, but it made it worth my time because it was over double the hourly minimum wage rate in the UK.

Crucially, also, I wasn’t just charging for my in-session time, I was also charging for the time it took me to travel between locations for different sessions. 

I did not have my own location in which I could conduct my 

In particular, 

This particular component of Not Your Average Life Coach reaches outside of my Leadership and Management concentration and utilises learning from many of my other concentrations.

Information Management and Career Development

Business Administration and Finance

Marketing and Brand Management

Creative Producing and Entrepreneurship

Finding clients is not hard.

A business plan.

A business model.

Sell with a Story

The Art of the Start

The Greatest Salesman

Marketing: A Love Story 

Starting and Running a Business