PProject Overview

Pete Be Coding is three applied coding projects I put together using the career learning paths on Codecademy.

There were many focuses I could have drawn a final project from in my Multimedia Studies and Creative Technologies concentration, but I decided on coding because I was already doing it.

My main coding focus has always been HTML, CSS and JavaScript which are the languages you need to build a fully responsive website.

I didn’t code this website from the ground up (it would have taken me way too long), but I did manipulate the code as part of its design.

However, I still wanted the opportunity to build a full-stack website project from the backend mechanics up.

I was also very keen to get practical with more wide-ranging software coding and coding in relation to Data Science.

I studied coding as part of my MTA Portfolio because I wanted to understand the programming mechanics of the different software applications that increasingly underpins every aspect of our lives in the twenty-first century.

Ultimately, the best way to understand something is to put your knowledge into action, so here are three coding projects which do just that.

Coding, in its most basic terms, is really just assigning a computer a task to do based on the logical guidelines you’ve outlined. Highly complex tasks are essentially a collection of smaller operations once you break them down. This methodical and logic-heavy approach to problem solving can be a boon for figuring out problems beyond a coding challenge.

Hannah Meinke, Why Learn to Code? The Surprisingly Broad Benefits of Coding, rasmussen.edu


2014 – Started studying programming and coding in HTML.

2017 – Studied coding in more depth beyond web development.

2019 – Studied coding in relation to Data Science.

2020 – Applied my web development and design skills to build three websites.

2021 – Started my applied coding projects on Codecademy.

This project must…

  • Be a practical expression of what I learned in my Multimedia Studies and Creative Technologies concentration.
  • Improve my overall understanding of programming concepts so that I can more naturally understand the underpinnings of application software.
  • Enable me to develop my practical coding skills to an advanced level so that I can utilise these skills if required.

PProject Components

PProject Wrap-Up

Coming soon.