I’m currently bringing the Education Innovation final project (I Built My Own Education), to its completion and I’ve been producing quite a few blog posts based around the final project’s focus as part of this process.

Some of the posts of newly written and others are repurposed from reflection assignments I completed for the courses I undertook in the Education Innovation concentration.

However, all the posts have been very much informing the four components of the Education Innovation final project.

These four components being…

  1. The writing up my education philosophy
  2. The building of ibuiltmyown.education
  3. The utilization of the ibuiltmyown.education
  4. The concept for a separate education platform that I want to build as an offshoot of ibuiltmyown.education

Ultimately, I wanted to acknowledge all this additional work I have put into the final project and find a way to include the blog posts on the final project page.

Therefore, I have created an additional section called Project Blog Posts.

Under which is a link button which takes the user to a new page on which are collected all the blog posts with the ‘I Built My Own Education’ blog category.

Now that I’ve added this additional section to the Education Innovation final project, I am going to do the same for all the other final projects.

I will also label each new blog post with the appropriate final project blog category.