Component 7 of my Creative Technologies Sandbox is all about the unreleased Breaking Cinema podcast I developed between 2014 and 2016.

Truthfully, it’s not really a component of a larger project. 

Breaking Cinema is a project in its own right. 

As are all the ‘components’ of my Creative Technologies Sandbox. 

My Creative Technologies Sandbox is only a final project in the sense that it collects together a number of other creative projects I have orchestrated over the years.

Really, my Creative Technologies Sandbox is just a portfolio of other projects.

And the Breaking Cinema project is certainly a big one!

My vision for Breaking Cinema was to break new ground in a highly experimental, educational and entertaining way by presenting a podcast that would challenge each listener to reflect on their unique relationships with film, multimedia and producing content.

Breaking Cinema would have employed an open-format that would have interwoven various points of view, discussions, projects and case-studies in order to consider and pull apart the problems and potentials of the art-and-business form that is diverging far beyond the parameters of its traditional cinematic paradigm.

It would have picked up the research I started in my BA (Hons) theoretical dissertation, Ways of Being: The Spectator and the Spectacle, and develop further in a highly creative fashion.

Many months of work went into developing the podcast and many different pieces of content were generated for it. 

I wrote a novel-length vision document, created numerous focus generators, recorded hours of audio discussions for it and even had some theme music composed.

The project was quite far along at the point I decided to shelve it and I did this purely so I could instead focus on my building out my MTA Portfolio.

Maybe I’ll get back to the Breaking Cinema podcast at some point.

I’m still very much excited about it! 

But, for the time being, what I did make of it now sits in my Creative Technologies Sandbox.