At its core business is, and always has been, about survival and surplus – about the advancement of self and of society.

The Business Book, 2014:15


Module 1. My Lean MBA – 1 Course

Module 2. Strategic Management – 7 Courses

Module 3. Supply Chain and Operations Management 5 Courses

Module 4. Sales Strategies 25 Courses

Module 5. Project Management – 7 Courses

Module 6. Environmental, Social and Coporate Governance (ESG) – 8 Courses

Module 7. Financial Management – 12 Courses

Module 8. Financial Accounting – 4 Courses

Module 9. Fintech and DeFi – 9 Courses

Module 10. Investment and Wealth Management – 17 Courses

Diplomas40 Certificates 

Final Project Fixing My Finances

I built this concentration to gain clarity of the varied demands of working within or managing an organization; as well as directing particular focus towards the financial handling of a large or small-scale business operation…

Finance has always been seen as having two distinct functions: recording what has happened (financial accounting) and helping firms to make decisions about the future (management accounting). Today, it has a third function: financial strategy. This incorporates judgements about risk, which some firms (especially banks) have realized must play a larger part in financial decision-making.

The Business Book, 2014:118