Creativity is an essential tool for any entrepreneur. Creativity isn’t just about coming up with ideas. It’s about being able to adapt to new circumstances, navigate uncertainty, and find solutions as problems arise.


Nicolas Susco, Here’s Why Creativity and Entrepreneurship Must Co-Exist, Entrepreneur’s Handbook, 14/06/2018


Module 1Creativity and Collaboration – 9 Courses

Module 2 Product Management – 8 Courses

Module 3 Design Thinking and User Experience 17 Courses

Module 4 Art: History and Practice 12 Courses

Module 5Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing – 6 Courses

Module 6 Creative Writing 2.0 – 6 Courses

Module 7Independent Filmmaking – 19 Courses

Module 8 Futures Thinking – 5 Courses

Module 9 Innovation and Entrepreneurship – 11 Courses

Diplomas49 Certificates 

Final Project To be determined

I built this concentration so I could expand on the creative practice of my bachelor’s degree and refine my understanding of starting and running an enterprise…

Futurists who are thinking about the businesses of the future forecast that many more of us will become entrepreneurs. They see employee healthcare and financial benefits, pension plans and retirement packages all disappearing… Everybody’s going to be a free agent… Your going to broker your skills and negotiate your own contracts for everything.

Dr James V. Green, The Opportunity Analysis Canvas, 2015:10