Imagine a school class with children fully engaged and immersed in working together to solve real-world issues. They are self-driven, collaborative, coming up with new ideas and throwing out the ones that don’t work. They think creatively and apply this across their entire life.

Sarah Weir, Essential education: future jobs must be taught with tech,, 04/09/2018


Module 1 – Learning How To Learn – 6 Courses

Module 2 – Learning How To Teach – 15 Courses

Module 3 – Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) – 7 Courses

Module 4 – EdTech – 6 Courses

Module 5 – Makerspaces for Creative Learning – 6 Courses

Module 6 – What Future for Education – 7 Courses

Module 7 – Learning as a Lifestyle – 5 Courses

Diplomas19 Certificates 

Final Project I Built My Own Education

I built this concentration to immerse myself in the practices of learning and teaching so I could enrich the constuction of my MTA Portfolio and cultivate an open-minded outlook on the thriving experiences education can become…

To be a critical thinker starts with resisting the urge to be a pleaser. Students are being taught an intellectual form of obedience so that, by the time they reach university, their idea of debate is often little more than second-guessing the instructor. When their answer is the same as mine, they believe they’re right – and they stop thinking just when they need to start.

Margaret Heffernan, Wilful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at our Peril, 2012:309-10