Duration: 1 hour – 2 hours.

Objective: (1) To explore the cultural phenomenon of adult females who play video games, a demographic which now comprises the largest collection of gamers! (2) To explore the issues of the objectification of females in the media and how the proactive female gamer stands in contrast to the objectified image… or does it? (3) To explore the participatory and larger experiential components of the process of gaming and what this can tell us about the relationship of the spectator and the spectacle. Ultimately, the listener has to leave this episode with a stronger sense of the female point-of-view in regards to being a subjective spectator and an objectified spectacle.

Focus: The female point-of-view is something which is far too often overlooked in regards to media research and in discussion of spectators and spectacles, so I would like to open it up and have a thorough exploration. Specifically, the focus will be concerned with a select few interviewed female gamers and which I will probably do while they are gaming. Beyond this it is hard to say until I actually interviewed at least three female gamers. However, I suspect that once I have interviewed at least three female gamers I will have a better feel for the overall design of this episode. All of all the first ten episodes, this is the one I as am least sure as to what I will discover as a result of creating it, which is what excites me about it!

Format: Factual documentary analysis using a combination of my linking voiceover narration and contributions from a range of interviewed guests; as well as excerpts from other related media texts to further expand the scope, validity and reliability of the discussion.


Pre-Intro segment – Still thinking about this.

Podcast Intro – (45 seconds) – Cave of the 8-Bit Binary Organ theme music as combined with excerpts from other media texts to create a summative overview of what is the Breaking Cinema podcast.

Main body – The interviewed female gamers cut together.

Conclusion – This will be determined by the outcome of the interviews.

Podcast Outro – a: “Thank you for listening to Breaking Cinema, like the Facebook page, leave a review on iTunes, etc.” message will play over the outro music.  

Next Time on Breaking Cinema – a short teaser of the next episode.


Additional Notes:

  • This episode will need release forms for the contributors.
  • For copyright queries on media content inclusion, see the Pulling Teeth & Breaking Blindness overview document.


Media content to be referenced and included:

Don’t know yet.