Duration: 1 hour – 2 hour.

Objective: Film theory in the real world. To explore the notion of the study of film from the point-of-view and focus of the spectator, not the two-dimensional images on the screen. Ultimately, the listener has to come out of this episode thinking more specifically about their psychology in their role as individual spectators and how those psychologies can have a huge effect on the experiential aspects of the two-dimensional images on the screen.

Focus: Starting with the spectator. The person. Their history. Their point-of-view… and then bringing in their focus on films and trying to determine how their psychology influences their interest in films and vice versa. Criticism and analysis of the two-dimensional images on the screen – not really the focus of this episode. The larger psychology of the film experience, as heavily determined by the psychology of the individual spectator is something that I am VERY interested in exploring.

Format: Factual documentary analysis using a combination of my linking voiceover narration and contributions from a range of interviewed guests who will have varying degrees of interest in films; as well as excerpts from other related media texts to further expand the scope, validity and reliability of the discussion. There may also be some vox pop included.


Pre-Intro segment – I don’t know yet, maybe something from the test episodes will be included.

Podcast Intro – (45 seconds) – Cave of the 8-Bit Binary Organ theme music as combined with excerpts from other media texts to create a summative overview of what is the Breaking Cinema podcast.

Main body – The main body will be comprised of various different pieces of interesting and revealing interview material cut together to present an insightful dissection that gets under the skin of the interviewed spectators. Additionally, media text references to the films the interviewees discuss may also be included. Specifically, the focus is on the experiential aspects of the spectator in relation to the films and cinema related issues they will discuss. It is hard to say what exactly the structure of the main body will be as it will be heavily determined by the content of the interviews… which I have yet to record.

Conclusion – This will be determined by the content of the interview material, if there is a logical conclusion that can be drawn from it and/or I have to construct a different conclusion. However, if the whole premise of this episode is to “start with the spectator” then the conclusion must surely be to finish with the two-dimensional images on the screen. To this end, the conclusion will nicely setup Episode 7: The Slow Motion Picture Entity.

Podcast Outro – A: “Thank you for listening to Breaking Cinema, like the Facebook page, leave a review on iTunes, etc.” message will play over the outro music.

Next Time on Breaking Cinema – a short teaser of the next episode.


Additional Notes:

  • Some material from the Breaking Cinema Test Episodes may be used within this episode.
  • Some of the interviewees will be more film-centric than others.
  • The episode will need signed release for each of the contributors.
  • For copyright queries on media content inclusion, see the Pulling Teeth & Breaking Blindness overview document.


Media content to be referenced and included

Maybe applicable for this episode, but if I do include any this media content it will be determined by the contributors in which case I have as yet no idea what media content may be included.