PProject Overview

I Built My Own Education is this website.

But, as the final project of my Education Innovation concentration, it is also the story and philosophy of how I ended up building my own education; as well as this website to house it.

The idea for this website did not come from my Education Innovation concentration, the concept existed long before I had even created my Education Innovation concentration.

In the end, I assigned the building of this website as the final project for my Education Innovation concentration because I had struggled to come up with an original concept for my final project.

Not only did the philosophy of my Education Innovation concentration align with the purpose of this website, but I realised I could use this final project to explore my larger plans for this website as a platform that extends beyond just hosting my MTA Portfolio.

There are three components to this final project: one is about the building of this website, one is about my larger plans for the website and one is a short documentary about the philosophy behind how this all started.

A do-it-yourself mindset is changing the face of education worldwide. Learners are “patching together” their education from a “menu of options,” including self-teaching, short courses and bootcamps, and they believe that self-service instruction will become even more prevalent for lifelong learning.

Dian Schaffhauser, DIY Mindset Reshaping Education, campustechnology.com, 09/17/19


2013 – Started studying MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

2014 – Started putting together a crowdfunding campaign to fund a traditional master’s degree and then started to get the idea of self build master’s degree that was housed on a website.

2017 – Started designing I Built My Own Education.

2019 – Started building I Built My Own Education.

2021 – Assembled this final project.

This project must…

  • Be a practical synthesis of what I learned in my Education Innovation concentration.
  • Tell the story, philosophy and purpose of I Built My Education.
  • Showcase my documentary making skills.
  • Produce three high-quality video essays.

PProject Components

PProject Wrap-Up

Coming soon.