1 Course

My Lean MBA

Platform: MyLeanMBA.com

Institution: MyLeanMBA.com

Started: 29/11/2016

Finished: 22/11/2017

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Module 1: Entrepreneurship

Started: 29/11/2016

Finished: 07/01/2017


Module 2: General Management, Strategy & Leadership

Started: 23/02/2017

Finished: 19/02/2017


Module 3: Marketing & Sales

Started: 23/02/2017

Finished: 14/03/2017


Module 4: Economics

Started: 17/04/2017

Finished: 13/05/2017


Module 5: Statistics & Big Data

Started: 17/05/2017

Finished: 06/06/2017


Module 6: Operations Management

Started: 12/06/2017

Finished: 05/07/2017


Module 7: Business Law & Ethics

Started: 11/07/2017

Finished: 24/07/2017


Module 8: Human Resources Management

Started: 30/07/2017

Finished: 18/08/2017


Module 9: Accounting

Started: 21/08/2017

Finished: 04/09/2017


Module 10: Finance

Started: 10/09/2017

Finished: 16/10/2017


Module 11: International Business & Political Analysis

Started: 22/10/2017

Finished: 31/10/2017


Module 12: Project & Quality Management

Started: 05/11/2017

Finished: 22/11/2017


1 Book

The Business Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

Author: Sam Atkinson

Publisher: DK Publishing

Published: 2014 (first published 2013)

Started: 06/09/2014

Finished: 19/05/2021

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On one hand, I get that the conceptual and analytical tools that form the bulk of most MBA programs are very useful to someone who wants to operate a business. On the other hand, I know way too many MBAs who can’t manage or lead their way out of a paper bag – and still think they’re the bomb because…well, because they have an MBA.
I’m convinced that being a world-class learner is much more important to your success in business (and in life) than having any kind of advanced degree. In fact, I become more sure every day that the ability to learn quickly and deeply is the single most important skill for the 21st century.

Erika Andersen, Why Spending $150K On An MBA Is Probably A Dumb Idea, forbes.com, 27/07/2013

An MBA is a huge waste of time and money. Why pay an extortionate amount of money when you can just as easily acquire the equivalent knowledge and experience from more cost-effective means, MOOCs being one.

While I did always want to gain a broad understanding of how to start and/or run and/or work within a business, I never held any ambitions to study a full-fledged Master of Business Administration. 

I was invited to enroll on the Lean MBA MOOC and study its 1-year program which would normally have cost €299. The founders needed a large group of users to generate positive word of mouth about the Lean MBA, so they offered it free-of-charge to the first cohort of students, which included me.

Being a stripped back version of a traditional MBA, the Lean MBA was not too dissimilar to the Business Administration concentration I was already building within my MTA Portfolio (this is why some of my other MTA modules somewhat repeat the contents of my Lean MBA).

Ultimately, studying the full Lean MBA enabled me to fill in the gaps of my business administration understanding.

And because it is by far the biggest MOOC I studied, it has a module all its own.