Component 2 of my Education Innovation final project is all about the creation of 

It took a fair while to do the write-up on the process of building

It certainly took much longer than the write-up I did on building my coaching website.

Creating was a very elaborate process because of all the content it needs to house but also because I kept re-thinking my approach to its design. 

Ultimately the write-up became so long that I ended up splitting component 2 across four sub-component pages:

2013-2018: Designing a site that is an explorable master’s degree

2019: Building the site and finding its form

2020-2021: Colour coding the site in coherency

2023: Progressing the site into a presentable form

I still need to create a few screen capture videos, as I did with my coaching website write up, but I can add those in later. 

But, as it stands, the write-up of is good enough to go public.